Saturday, April 21, 2007

its always half a story....

...till u reach the other part of the world and hear the other half...

this particular story's about the space race between the US and the Soviets, on how the US spent millions on trying to find a way to get a pen working in zero gravity, while the Soviets used a pencil.

Somehow our stories in India always ended at that, on how Russia always had an efficient way of doing things when the US was just being err.. too complicated for itself?

So we were discussing the same story at work this past week, and I got to hear the second part of the story. Now this may again be a fabrication or just the plain truth, I dont know. But this is how the story ends...

So while the Soviets used a pencil,( and the whole world cheered their ingenuity in finding a simple solution) NASA thought that was a pretty stupid thing to do.

The reason being, the graphite or the lead from the pencils had the capacity to mess with the systems in the shuttle, which could mean end of the mission for all practical purposes, all because of a pencil. Sounds logical enough when you think about it, after all when a piece of foam can have far reaching consequences, you wouldnt know what a pencil could do.

So he laughs and says," Its ok for the Russians to lose a spacecraft or two, all they needed to say was " Hello new Comrade, we all love to die for the Motherland" and that was the end of it. Its not that easy to cover it all up here"

Now I dont know what the truth value in that story is ( or as Colbert would say, truthiness) its just that we never heard that part of the story.

I guess, there are always versions of the truth and its always a lie till you hear all of them.

Or even better the only truth is what you believe in.


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I see a stickam player. I'm copying all ure songs. k?

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Blogger Pri said...

Where's' New york Nagaram? :(

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