Saturday, April 14, 2007

You've been big brothered, big brother?

No, this has nothing to do with obnoxious reality shows, nor is this a celebrity face off on who's the dumber of the dumbest. This is some serious shit.

Big Brother is actually watching....

...all of us...


And the reason I say this is because I have solid proof that the government watches all of us bloggers, especially the ones which carry any sort of political message or posts....

So this is what happened..

Day 1:

I was browsing through this video blog on videosift called Bush's greatest moments. It had this compilation of the stupid things he's said over the past few years and obviously there have been many.

It seemed to be an interesting post to put up on my blog.

Day 2:

So I finally did manage to shake the dust off my head and post the blog.

( if this sounds like a Ram Gopal Verma potboiler, I just have to say in my defense, there isnt much you can write about Big Brother, its not like he's 19 years old or something...)

Day 3:

As most of you might know, I actually carry out some Big Brothering of my least getting information on who visits my blog, and any information is wealth ( ask Senthil)...

So i check out that someone from the DC Area had visited my blog, and it turns out that someone at the 'Sargeant at Arms' from the US Capitol had been on my blog the day after my posting on Bush.

Now for those of you who dont know who the Sargeant at Arms is, wikipedia to the rescue...

'As chief law enforcement officer of the Senate, the Sergeant at Arms is charged with maintaining security in the Capitol and all Senate buildings, as well as protection of the members themselves.'

'The Sergeant at Arms is the largest in size of staff and budget in the Senate. It is responsible for all Senate computers and technology support services, recording and photographic services, printing and graphics services, and telecommunications services.'

and here is my evidence...

So what does this mean to the restofus?
We're all being watched.
Unless, there is some doofus sitting in the US Capitol reading my blogs ( of all the substandard blogs by posers who call themselves bloggers).
that would be the perfect kahaani mein twist.


Blogger Pri said...

ugh thats creepy dude! does it make u feel sort of important though?

by the by why do u have this strange music player? me thinks u should change it to a stickam player so it would be easier for me to copy your music. ive been searcing for that guru song which they of course decided to add after i had bought the cd :( and then 'new york nagaram' when i finally found the mp3 my stickam player didnt let me add it. ive wanted to put that on my blog forver!

p.s. r u in california or colorado or is my stat counter lying to me?

1:33 PM  

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