Sunday, May 27, 2007

mind melodies...

Blog entry Monday:

" Do I have anything to say?"

" Maybe, but I cant find the words..."

Blog entry Tuesday:

" Why havent you written anything in days?, Is this the end of your blog?"

" Nopes, there's lots to come, just cant find the right word processor."

" Notepad is therapeutic unlike the jarring resonance of Times New Roman in Word, only if they had a new line wrap builtin....Times New Roman scares me...makes me feel dumber than I usually am, so the thoughts evaporate the moment I type anything, and I freeze when I see the reds and the greens of the spell checker..."

" Or maybe I am just looking for plain excuses over the vanilla flavored ones..."

Blog entry Wednesday:

" Why am I like this? Is this because there arent enough answers for all the questions one might ask"

" r this way bcos asking questions is probably the easiest way to escape answering them...So ure not unique, ure just an escape artist, a very mortal Houdini"

Blog entry Thursday:

" Why are there so many moving parts in life? The minute you track one part, something else falls off. Is it because you're incapable of handling everything or is it because your are taking on too many things"

" Its because somethings are better in other people's hands than yours, so dropping a few 'M and Ms' doesnt make the act of eating one any less enjoyable..."

Blog entry Friday:

" Am I lonely?"

" Nah, your standards of being un-lonely are waay too high, the purple patches of punnagai. The sooner you lower ure standards, the easier life gets. The other day you were complaining of being lonely in a party at ure own house...cant get any more ridiculous than that..."

Blog entry Saturday:
"Why do the Rockie mountains look like oreo cookie ice cream from afar, but the same cruel beast when we get close to them?"

"Its because anything looks delicious from afar, and everything is a beast within sight, why should nature be any different?"

Blog entry Sunday:
" Why are there so many people in this world?"

" Because we cant get to the next level, the dragon behind the rocks always spits fire towards your right hand side, you have only two lives, and saving the princess who is at the top of the tower would require cheat codes..."

" Because we have stay within range of the damn cockroaches"


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