Saturday, June 30, 2007

not just jazz by the bay....

ok i moved yet again, this time to the west coast. i think my air sign side effects include extreme makeovers every 3 months, moving supply costs, inventory listing and USPS updates.

Thank God for mail forwarding!

I've had 6 addresses in the past 8 months and all my mail still reaches me. Now either thats being lucky or the USPS expects ppl like me to exist in this country. I sent the Postmaster General an email thanking him for this service.

which made me wonder why I didnt send him a postcard.

So, im here now back near the brine and extremely nauseating odor of sea water ( though I must admit the Pacific O smells much better than any of the other Cs ive been near.) i think in some weird way, I might have been a pirate in my last birth to actually crave an existence near the sea ( i could have said sailor, but ive never been that lucky..if u know what i mean.:))

but when i mention that, its not like me and the sea party every night. I just go and stare at it, and it stares back. And then i come home, eat and sleep. and it keeps staring back.

though at some subconscious level, the bay area does seem distinctly familiar, when u match the amount of driving, public transport, the sea, the indians and the real estate prices. ( duh..i was talkin about bby obv). So while Im paying an arm and half a leg for a place to live, the other parts of my body seem to have a good time.

so yup my blogs will now show up from the bay area ( if at all i update them, which i promise to at a more regular frequency)

there is lots to write about. just dont know what to write first...:)

which is to say ill blog from my iphone when i get one ( there goes another half of my leg)

Soon ill be blogging with just my two thumbs ( which i think is how u type on an iphone.)

ill shudder to think how ill press Ctrl-Alt-Delete....


Blogger Pri said...

heeeeee enjoy the sea and the good food.

4:09 PM  

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