Saturday, July 14, 2007

Reconstructing damaged bogies...

Ya, I just had to pick up a random title for this post for the lack of a better idea. Somehow, I've been caught wanting more buffer space in my mind ( now I know how my computer feels when I have a movie, Matlab scripts and a couple of songs all running at the same time)

Dont know if all the space in the world can help.

Its been a year and two days since the Bombay blasts the media so gloriously calls 7/11 ( anything to capture the imagination without the substance) I remember being in Bby last year when it happened, the blasts, the impotent response from the emergency services, the inability of the intelligence to put the pieces together and yes, the loud media.

Noise, noise, noise, COMMERICAL, Noise, noise, noise.

N....O.....I.....S.....E and then a year passed by.

Its surprising the sort of news that gathers moss nowadays.

On one hand you have the Bipasha kissing Ronaldo incident making headline, then you have the American Scientist reincarnation in a village in UP. Beckham joining the LA Galaxy made news here, and then you have Congress investigating everything Bush does, so Bush decides not to do anything. In the meanwhile, Iraq lay in an abyssmal state of affairs, and people losing interest in anything to do with the war. China has its own worries with cardboard being used to make bread buns ( wtf...) and everything it sends out being recalled. Workers mixing drugs in factories with their feet ( the medication is not for arthritis) and the Live Earth or whatever the nonsense that was over last weekend.

Forget real News, im not sure I want to hear even fake news if this is whats happening out there.

So I guess I have to turn to the next best thing out there, stand in line for the Simpsons Movie. Hey if the real world can sell all that, Homer sure has the right of way in my mind at least.

Oh, ya and this post has nothing to do with reconstructing damaged bogies. ( If thats why u were reading this, I do have to maintain the level of journalism my heroes at Faux News have reached right? )

By the by, how is MSNBC better than Faux News? Both scream their way to oblivion, till noone remembers what the freaking issue was.

Oh ya before I leave I HAVE to get this thought out there.

For the ones who havent watched Sivaji, this doesnt pertain to u...( unless obv u have half a brain) and for the ones who have watched it ( once or more than once..) the moral of the story is that,

Yes things will change in India. We will overcome all the corruption and make it a wonderful place to live.

But for that you would have to first be Rajni, and ( ya thats not enough) would have to die and come back to life to see the changes you so badly wished for.

and come to think of it, only Gandhi could come up with a saying,

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Buddha sathiya gaya


Blogger Pri said...

nice. u forgot himeshji ki latesht blockbuster. how could u?????

8:41 PM  

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