Saturday, July 21, 2007

shall we tell the president?

those were the days of jeffrey archer's glory...but then as we all know, he didnt get very fact he did end up behind bars...and all bcos he lied when he kept a diary that said otherwise ( duh, he's a writer..)

anyway coming closer to home, so there ends the days when the president was a man of stature. Now we just elect stupid presidents. ( Not to sound too mcp-ish) ya and she's a woman too.

How on earth did Pratibha Patil get to be President? I mean even though the post is just a plastic smile, signing bills and hands shaking one, I'm sure there were millions of men and women in the country who had the dignity completely absent with this one and who could have done a much better job than this one would ever. Or maybe im just getting riled up bcos Dr. APJ set such high standards of intelligence and duty, it was always going to be a tough one to top. So, might as well slip a dud in between.

Nice thinking Sonia.

It also shows how Sonia can basically do whatever she wants and get away with it. Man, do you even imagine what that sort of power can do to your soul? A billion people in your hands. Its dizzying enough speaking about it.

Well to offer some solace is the fact that thank goodness the post is just a rubber stamp ( if you want it to be one) and the President, although Commander in Chief of the armed forces (Pratibha Patil has probably used a knife in her lifetime; im just highlighting her past experience with things closest to weapons. NOT being MCPish) is at least not the executive branch of government.

So if the US can elect someone as empty as Bush and have a tough time getting away with murder, you can understand the potential damage she could have caused to our already mixed reviews in the world.

But then words sometimes speak louder than actions ( usually its the other way around), So for all the Purdah, Baba, Bank and Murder stories about PP, one thing is for certain. We're going to have a fun ride reading about her in the days to come..

if only we could tell her, or tell the president, speak up and be heard...the people are listening.


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