Thursday, July 19, 2007

willow wok....

team india gets stir fried yet again at lords, what a bummer....when will these guys ever learn.

but somehow cricket just seems like a relic from the past, not something i look forward to at the end of a day. have learnt to accept it and live with it. maybe someday ill meet tendlya and ask him," tune mere saath khilvaad kiya hai...yeh kis tarah ki insaaf hai?"

aur woh bolega, " screech...are mein toh sirf khel raha tha...tu beech mein aa gaya..."

and thats how the story ends...

if at all u visit the bay area, do not miss the chance to go to muir woods. its one of the amazing places not seen in most ppls itineraries ( which usually includes the gg and saravana bhavan)..but gives you a sense of peace with the environment as you walk through the very subtle ecosystem the last of the redwood trees contain. I surprisingly walked more than 2 miles without complaining and actually coming out fresher than when I went in. a cheesy woods are louuuvely dark deep sort of feeling.


talkin of cheese, dont miss ratatouille (or whatever that rat cook movie is) on dvd, its not worth spending 10 bucks to watch on the big screen, but its a nice feel good movie.

im waiting for the opportune moment to comment on AKS by HR, but will take my time....

its like the wine i never had.


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