Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Kite runner....Simply Amazing....

It has been over two weeks since P had told me about this book. "No words can describe how amazing this book is..."

I just nodded along, wondering if I could get that feeling once again with a book.

It had been a long while since I had read anything worthwhile, just random cribs and forced humor compounded with an abstract sense of philosophy that I just couldnt digest, thats all I had read in the past two months.

Till I read the Kite runner today, all 400 pages in one afternoon.

Because truly this book is one that you wont forget in a long time.

Its probably partly because the soul is South Asian , so fairly familiar, and maybe such stories were Indian once upon a time ( Thankfully)....the better any country or system becomes, less is the longing for the past I guess.

Or maybe Afghanistan always had that image, you dont need to go beyond Kabuliwallah by Tagore to feel for a country so lost, for a nation of confused souls and wandering lives. On how easy it is to spin out of control when so little is in your hands.

Or it could also be because the people never really understood what it meant to live a civilized life with rules ( as the author mentions, Afghans respected customs, never rules)

But even with this backdrop comes a very emotional story about normal people, bound by society, by their past, unable to comprehend why things were the way they were, but still not able to escape it.

And also because soaking in the past always makes up for a powerful read.

In all dont miss this book for anything. It'll help awaken the sleeping soul in you



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