Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Thats what we all did when the ground beneath us started shaking....my first quake in the Bay Area...( it was pretty scary in retrospect)

I was roaming around in Ikea, checkin out the furniture when the whole place started shaking...the steel roof with the grids and chains started making a weird clankety sound.....a 5.6 i find out later...

But what was weird about this was the way we all just stood there...Everyone in the store just had a blank stare maybe out of fear or confusion...

And what was funny was that there were tables all around us...Shouldnt have we all just got under one? There were enough tables for everyone in the store...it was Ikea after all...

But instead some (including my friend) went and stood near a book shelf ( yeah, like that would help..) and i stood under a steel grid...(what was i thinkin)

Just goes to show how all the knowledge in the world doesnt help when u face an emergency.

What might help is just a little bit of luck.


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