Friday, October 26, 2007

the phoenix

...images flicker in front of my eyes, but the ideas still remain the same. The past can only do as much, in either helping you move on or in providing you with fresh incentive to breathe. but somehow, i can see the mountain i need to climb beneath me, as if my future is also beyond me.

these are just words, a sense of deja vu to silence the critics...again. if this is bliss then maybe im just an insatiable moron. if there is no bliss, then we have some liars to deal with. its a gift to feel balanced, between those moments of utter confusion we seem to delve in quite frequently.

and what remains of all of us is just a bunch of deluded psychopaths searching for answers when there r no questions at all.

ive had a tuff few months searching for questions and for answers bcos nothing seemed to manifest when i looked for them. i was finally happy, but i didnt really love it a whole lot, because not a whole lot changed around me. it seemed to me that the world was always lookin for reasons to feel morose. Countries were always at war, ppl always killed each other, and there were those who ruled over all this who kept it this way. Status quo is what they wanted, it was what they got.

It still seems to me that if everyone wanted to be happy, they could persevere to a happy place and then get there. And then for people like me, you accept that the goal maybe a few notches below what you had aimed for but it was still all good.

what you want and what you need maybe more closer than u ever thought they could be.

and fyi, its not like im all of a sudden mayor of happyville. its just that being a peon at happyville also feels like the cup half full than empty. a weird intense feeling of fulfillment.

and the only place to go from here is home.


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