Saturday, May 17, 2008

opinions at 27..... it just me who's clueless or does anyone know when we all turned into stone walls of opinion that its almost impossible to understand the other person's point of view....a punch here and a knock there would force u to understand but why has it become this tough to get thru...?

so the story goes, there were 100 ppl to begin with....all listened, all nodded...till one woke up and realized...hey this is BS....but whats worse is his own brand of BS which he believed was the solemn truth....the next guy woke up with his brand and in the end we had a 100 different brands of BS all upheld to be the truth that noone believed in.....

so if thats how the situation do u get anything done?

the answer is simple....u just dont....or u form ure cliques and stick to them like the holiest truth uve ever come to know....

isnt it sad? and its just at 27....


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