Monday, August 25, 2008

the long goodbye...II

india these days seems to be on the brink of self-destruction...only because it seems to be so much in love with itself. ok, i actually thought that was a bit funny, because any channel on tv you switch to, any billboard you see, there is this annoying sense that everyone believed india was truly the greatest country on earth. ( now where have i heard that before?...)

you can do anything, impossible is achievable, do your thing....and the list goes on. this additional emphasis of the individual in a society which still feeds off the collective efforts of the many, only seems counter productive. everyone wants to be the MAN ( or the woman) and yet everyone seeks affirmation from the society....its all very confusing.

to me personally, it seemed like the country was on steroids...or like barry bonds giant head, very surreal. inflation maybe a better term, but to me its just a rip off.

ill give you an example why. a bottle of water in my hotel costs 35 rupees. one roti costs 20 rupees, and a plate of hakka noodles cost me a whopping 135 rupees. this seems more ridiculous than the nuts they charge you at vegas ( the real nuts)...i did hear a lot of these stories from my friends who visit india but this time i actually saw it with my own eyes...

and yet there r things which have just not changed, and its at a point where noone cares anymore. Electricity is in short supply, and yet IT enclaves want to rule the world, the roads are great for most of the way and just when you start getting happy that things have changed you'll find yourself facing an annoying stretch of mud with a board hanging next to it "this stretch of road is not managed by the MCGM"

basically its a message that says, hey we dont give a shit what happens to u here, so drive on and have a nice journey.

but even through all the noise, i can still see glimpses of the old order, the way we all were and maybe that is still the silent majority and all i notice is the chaotic minority...and that chaos is probably the way the majority dreams of its escape.

just like i planned mine.


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