Monday, August 25, 2008

the long goodbye....wanderlust

"u might have a case of the wanderlust..did that ever strike you?"...she said over lunch in a cuban restaurant in the middle of midtown manhattan that sunday afternoon.

i just smiled and thought to myself that it was pretty interesting, because we all travel, some more than others, but soon the conversation lead somewhere else and this topic was soon forgotten.

all until this morning.

its amazing how many dots you can connect at any single moment and how you connect them as well. For example, the minute you see something uve seen in the past makes you connect the dots from there to here and somewhere in that process, things start looking well pretty random.

that was what i was doing at 4 am this morning. with the jetlag kicking in on day 2, i found myself rolling on my bed in this hotel in the heart of pune, feeling hungry, tired and irritable.

indian tv is pure nonsense, thats for sure. between the never ending cricket matches played by god knows which team, the scantily clad women in the music videos, and the looping sights of people rioting, you would have a tough time believing that india is a pretty safe, conservative and not as big on sports as the tv channels want you to believe. and add to that the really annoying tv news anchors who keep nodding their heads with their make believe british accents.

ok thats how critical you can get at 4 am in the morning...and when there is absolutely nothing to watch on tv...

except it was the democratic national convention night live from...yes u guessed it, denver, colorado.

so im stuck in a room in some random place in pune watching kennedy give his last ever convention speech from the pepsi centre, a place where i once saw eric clapton play layla and watched kobe bryant get booed...

those were the dots i connected this morning. How it all added up, i have no idea and what it added up to is again a big question mark.

But this trip kinda looks surreal, on how you could bridge so many different worlds and yet be all alone as i that room.

or it might be just be a case of wanderlust.


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