Sunday, December 07, 2008

the gamut

every time you run through a maze of colors, every time you immerse yourself into a range of notes, every time you skim through the pages in a book, its the gamut that strikes you every time, of colors, of music, of words.

but have you ever had a range of illusions run through your head, the ones that take you from one extreme to the other, of immense hope, of hopeless solitude, of aching pain, to the light that leads you to the next path? the same range of illusions that conjure emotions that mean one thing but result in another, and how this concoction of minutes, time weighted by how you feel, pass by in a split second one day and drag through an entire afternoon the other with you feeling hopelessly out of control only to show up the next day with that perfect smile that could take you through the rest of your life?

ive had these weeks recently where ive been dragged through dirt, through muck and ive flown over mountains and yet i feel completely at home with that cuppa mocha being still and watching these moments pass me by, each minute filled with experiences that i know i can take with me wherever life leads me to, though with the added satisfaction of knowing it cant get better than this.

then,so be it.

let the games begin. bring me the gamut.


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