Wednesday, December 16, 2009

three words

Trapped in my body
as I reached for the stars
did I want this that bad
or had I gone too far in a bid

to reclaim a lost dream
from savages and screams
over the rooftops and cities
my mind could only feel
the pungent air of loss and disbelief

"where to, oh stranger", asked
the limbless figure on the platform.
"are you leaving the city
or visiting the hall of
seemingly endless possibilities,"

"One of fame and fortune
and of gold and diamonds,
is that the journey you wish
to take,
or is it something else that brings you here."

i stared in silence, i couldnt speak,
i saw the
hundred images that brought me here
but didnt see the one
that would make me leave.
i tried so hard, with tears and without

but the only image i kept seeing was one of doubt,
one with the
dark oily corners of the world,
where the kings roamed in
fire and ash only to be burnt.

i saw them go, but never return
wasnt this the sort
of victory i despised?
as i turned towards her to reply
there dropped in front of me
two visions, both in the east.

In one i saw peace, of bliss and no disease,
the other though was grey, of equal black
and white, where the sun and the moon both
had their share of day and night.

i had both in my hands, though only
one i could carry with me, she said.
which would it be, or would you
burn before you knew how it ends.

i closed my eyes
and swam the million miles
to reach the shores and feel wet
in the colors of my dreams

as i stood, there came a smile,
i finally knew
the choice i wanted to make,
how did you, she asked

give up the bliss
and go for the grey.
i said three words that
made me swear, never to take
a perilous journey like this again.

she was there.


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