Tuesday, May 25, 2010


those black pearly eyes
said a million words
even when all she could speak were a hundred

i asked myself,
what was i doing here
a place removed from my reality
a place of which i knew very little
a place that made me feel like the desert sands
in the piercing summer sizzle

maybe it wasnt about me i told myself
maybe there are things in the world hidden in shrouds
of mysteries and riddles
in tangled minds and hearts and some that made
our lives worth every minute of our existence even when
all we did was gaze into the unknown

and gaze she did.
sorry correction, gaze we did.

for every unspoken gaze i saw stories
some that made us laugh,
some that made us wrench
at the possibilities of a future
that couldn't possibly be any different
from ones that would have happened
if we didn't gaze that hard to begin with

but as is the problem with everything
once you look,
you begin to stare
once you stare
you begin to gaze
and once you gaze
it never ends there
because what you see
is a million bucks
worth what you get.

and maybe the heat did us in
when our words started getting lighter and our minds
began traveling through the phases
of what seemingly our lives could be like
and through lives we had already lived.

they say food makes for excellent company
to conversations and beyond
in my mind it doesnt end there
because it also engages us
to break down the walls of limited world views
forcing us
to open our mouths,
at least to eat,
even if we have nothing to say.

her silence said it all

and then she smiled
which made everywhere
seem like a better place
than the cards it deals us
but hey, who cares about the cards
when that smile was all i could feel tonight.

i tried to prick it though,
to see what lay behind it
you see, the chances that we find hidden treasures lay reassured
but would it be worth its weight in gold
or do we drown because it would be a burden too heavy to shoulder thru

i couldnt find much
although she kept saying
look all you want
i was surprised i couldnt find anything at all
but then realized
i didnt have to look behind anything
what i wanted to find
lay right there in front of my eyes.

sometimes there are stones hidden in gold
sometimes there is gold hidden in coal
sometimes there is coal in between diamonds
and sometimes there are diamonds hidden in gold.

but what if you had gold hidden in gold
would you call that a treasure waiting to be found
or would that just be your folly, to question what you didnt find,
but was there waiting to be found.

oh, the sheer arrogance of a twisted mind
when the questions outnumber the doubts
and there are answers everywhere to be found
except for the questions you pose.

i will say this though
maybe with a meandering logic of my own
i found her and more
between the blow hot blow cold winds of my heart
a round of roulette we play
waiting for the ball to drop

maybe today
maybe tomorrow
maybe some day
maybe never

they say im an optimist
you can see that in the lines above
the chances to win are three is to one

i pick some day.

wait though, id rather let you choose.
its easier when treasures pick themselves
they have nothing to lose.


Blogger elisa said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous bhavana said...

Awesome piece of literature worth receiving a Nobel Prize....And yes if it does, half the award prize should be transferred to my account.....;)Bhavana

10:44 AM  
Blogger River Pirate said...

you didnt really need the tarot card reader did u... :)

10:21 AM  

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