Monday, July 16, 2012

Stories from my forgotten decade

As I sit in my car and stare at the sunset across the bridge, one thing’s pretty clear; its a view to die for. This week’s pretty intense as it is, the first day with our assigned company executives for our six month consulting engagement; the GAP plenary as the school calls it. Lots of negotiations, lots of learning; plenty of talking and listening. Stuff people care about, stuff many dont need to. I know by the end of this, it will be a miracle if I dont go home knowing everything about display advertising for whatever thats worth. But, thats not the point of this note.

It will be ten years this coming week since I landed in the U.S. Not that it matters, certainly did not when I landed in India after ten years in the Middle East; but well, lets face it, I love to rewind the clock to the moments that I still look back on with fond memories. Positive memories, for a positive brand recognition.

Here are ten stories that I recollect over the past ten years, am not really sure why they withstood the test of time. They were, after all, fleeting moments in my life, many of the characters are not even part of my life anymore. But I guess thats the bittersweet nature of life. You think for that one second that this might be it; these are the people who will see you to the end. And then they are gone. Vanishing into thin air. Just like that.

Or maybe I moved along;

Or to quote Don Draper ”My life moves only in one direction. Forward”

So forward it is. ( except for the ten stories from rewind)


2002 Dallas: Greyhound travels
2003 Houston: IHOP discussions
2004 Tulsa: A new life in my life
2005 Denver: Refresh to Teen Amigos
2006 Fort collins: Drowning in those eyes
2007 Berkeley: A Norah Jones lullaby
2008 New York: Central Park & Secaucus
2009 Chicago: Fireworks in fade
2010 Los Angeles: Acceptance and Accepting
2011 San Francisco: McKinsey Advice
2012 Sao Paolo: Dive bar dreams


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